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Specialties of southern Burgenland
Several pleasure regions have emerged in Burgenland. Southern Burgenland has its very own culinary specialties to offer. In the area around the "apple village" Kukmirn, various types of fruit thrive wonderfully thanks to the special microclimate. Above all, table apples are the flagship of this gourmet region. Grazing geese also find the best conditions on the meadows of southern Burgenland. In about 26 weeks, these grow into tasty martini gooses. Another Burgenland specialty is the Zickental bog ox, which grazes on the outskirts of the "Auwiesen Zickenbachtal" nature reserve. Cattle of the Galloway and Angus breeds cavort here, which, thanks to the particularly natural husbandry, provide fine-grained meat with delicate fat marbling. Last but not least, southern Burgenland is also known for its fine herbs, which are grown for spices and teas.

Weinidylle Südburgenland - small-structured and unique
The climate, the landscape and the nature of the soil in southern Burgenland are very special. Therefore, the wines produced here inspire with a special quality. Even if it is the smallest wine-growing region in Austria in terms of area, the wine idyll can still come up with great wines. This quality and uniqueness is highly valued on the national and international market. The landlord, Georg Heuberger, has also recognized his love for wine and cherishes and cares for his vineyards. He is particularly proud of his fine quality wine, which you are also welcome to purchase.

  • "Angela" restaurant, closed on monday
  • Gasthaus "Antonyus", closed on tuesday
  • Berggasthaus Pfingstl in Rudersdorf-Berg, closed wednesday-thursday
  • Dorfimbiss, closed on monday
  • Kirchenwirt Mirth in Eltendorf

Bakeries & Grocery stores

Fresh out of the oven every day.

Baking is a craft with tradition: people began cultivating wild grain as early as 10,000 years ago. Grains were ground between stones, mixed with water and salt to form a dough and baked over the fire - the primeval flatbread was ready. The principle has remained unchanged to this day. But only the oven and sourdough made modern bread possible.


Stop in and taste.

ot only wonderful and excellent wines are created in Burgenland. In the wine-growing regions, people know how to enjoy the fine wines accordingly. Wine is just as much a part of life as the wine taverns. They are certainly the cosiest places to relax and party. The differences are as fine and refined as with the wines themselves.

Winegrowers are allowed to serve their own wines and products in a so-called Buschenschank - without additional permits. Cold dishes can also be served in what is probably the most original form. Most of these come from our own products or from companies in the vicinity. Hearty "Brettljausen" with various cold roasts and spreads are particularly typical. Whether it is open, one also says whether it is "ausg´steckt", can be seen from the pine bush attached to a sign or lantern where it is clearly visible to all.

As soon as warm dishes, such as juicy roasts and grilled or fried chicken, are served, it is a "Heurigen". The name is derived from this year's wine, which the winegrowers used to present in the wine tavern. In the meantime, these bars have developed further, in addition to the "real Buschenschenke" at the winegrowers, there are now also cozy wine taverns.

Whether it's a "Buschenschank or Heuriger" - nowhere else can you experience more intensely what sun means in your heart over a glass of wonderful wine.

Gourmet manufacturers

Enjoy with all senses.

The gourmet manufacturers in the region also master their craft. And they let you look over your shoulder. In this way, the quality produced in the factories becomes valuable in the truest sense of the word.

Regional products are also much more appealing in terms of taste, since the mature plants can be sold ready for harvest. The ingredients of fresh fruit and vegetables should also be emphasized. There is more time to build up minerals and vitamins and due to the non-existent, eternally lasting storage times, these are not lost again.